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Legal Help To Eliminate Medical Debt, Credit Card Debt And More

Medical bills, credit card debt and student loan debt can have a crippling effect on your financial health. Filing for bankruptcy provides a way out.

I can help. As one of the only state-certified bankruptcy specialists in Knox County, I provide clients with a level of legal knowledge and insight not available at other boutique firms. Working closely with my clients, I develop strategic debt-relief plans that stop harassing creditors, reduce and reorganize debts, and help clients obtain the clean slates they need to move forward with their lives. Based in Knoxville, I have served as an attorney throughout Tennessee for more than 20 years.

What Is The Best Filing Option For Me?

Filing for bankruptcy is a fast and effective way to stop creditors from harassing you and eliminate debt. Chapter 7 filings are typically the fastest means of resolving matters and moving forward with your life; Chapter 13 filings, meanwhile, allow clients to reorganize their debts and stop any foreclosure actions.

The Benefits Of Declaring Bankruptcy

Wage garnishments and repossession of assets are common when monthly payments are missed. Filing for bankruptcy not only prevents future wage garnishments and repossession, but may actually allow you to get back any wages garnished or assets — such as cars — that have been taken from you.

Likewise, filing for bankruptcy immediately halts the foreclosure process. Depending on your goals regarding home ownership, filing for bankruptcy can allow you to keep your home or walk away debt-free.

That said, many individuals are uncomfortable with the thought of bankruptcy or are not at the point, financially, where bankruptcy is the best option. In such cases, I work closely with clients to find an alternative to bankruptcy that will allow them to minimize and reorganize their debts.

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