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Discharging Debt Through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the fastest and most effective way to stop creditors from harassing you and eliminate debt.

The moment you file for bankruptcy, creditors must immediately stop all contact. Filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy also halts the foreclosure process, prevents repossessions and stops wage garnishment. Any wages you earn after the filing are also out of reach.

Obtaining these privileges is not always easy. I can help. I am William E. Maddox Jr., L.L.C., Attorney at Law. Based in Knoxville, I have been helping people throughout Tennessee discharge their debts and move forward with their lives for more than 20 years.

Protecting Your Most Valuable Assets

Many people fear filing for bankruptcy will cause them to lose their home, their car and all of their personal assets: This is not the case. Many types of property, such as cars, are exempt from bankruptcy. As an experienced bankruptcy attorney, I know how to max out those exemptions so my clients get to keep the largest amount of property allowed under state and federal bankruptcy laws.

Chapter 7 requires all nonexempt assets be sold to repay creditors. Because most people’s property will be exempt, creditors typically only get pennies on the dollar owed and all remaining debt is permanently discharged.

Discharging Bad Business Debts

When clients hire me, they are getting big-firm experience with the personal attention and client service that only a boutique law practice can offer. Clients aren’t passed off to less-experienced lawyers or legal staff. When you hire me, you get me.

As one of only three state-certified bankruptcy specialists in Knox County, I help clients navigate the bankruptcy process efficiently and effectively.

I also help people who have built equity in their homes discharge their debts and keep their homes through the Chapter 13 bankruptcy process. Individuals can discharge bad business debts through Chapter 7 and businesses can reorganize their debts while continuing to operate by filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Don’t let debt keep you from moving forward with your life; contact my offices today at 865.314.8062 or toll free at 800.440.6505. You can also reach me online. Initial consultations are always free.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.