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October 2017 Archives

Borrowing money can sometimes help with debt management

When most Tennessee residents think about managing their debt, they envision a system under which taking on new debt is absolutely forbidden. In reality, however, signing on for a new loan may actually improve one's overall bottom line. That is especially true in terms of debt management and credit repair. An example is found in financing the purchase of a new automobile.

Mortgage statistics suggest need for debt relief

Recently released statistics suggests that first-time homeowners are defaulting on their mortgages for the third straight month in a row. After months of stability, it appears that consumers are beginning to encounter financial difficulty. That could leave more individuals and families in need of debt relief services, in Tennessee and elsewhere.

A payday loan may not be a good substitute for bankruptcy

It is not unusual, and sometimes it is worthy and commendable, for Tennessee residents to try almost anything to avoid bankruptcy. After all, responsible adults generally want to pay their just debts. Often, people try debt management programs, which can come with its own set of risks but at times can be effective.

Debt management and boosting your credit score

Most Tennessee residents are aware of the importance of developing and maintaining a positive credit score. This all-important number factors into virtually every lending decision, from securing a new auto loan to opening a new line of credit at a hardware store. For those in Tennessee who struggle with debt management, the impact that those struggles can have on credit scoring is often a concern. Fortunately, there are a number of steps that consumers can take to ensure that their credit scores shows an accurate picture of their financial history.

Taking care to prevent accusations of Chapter 7 bankruptcy fraud

Faced with mounting debt and a limited ability to repay those obligations, many Tennessee residents will consider seeking bankruptcy relief. For most, that process will be completely unfamiliar. Having never gone through a bankruptcy filing in the past, most consumers find the paperwork and other aspects of Chapter 7 bankruptcy overwhelming. While moving through the bankruptcy process, it is absolutely critical to avoid errors and omissions that can lead to accusations of fraud.

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