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November 2017 Archives

Is there a racial component to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Financial strain can happen to any Tennessee resident, regardless of race, gender, age or other classification. According to researchers, however, some consumers may be treated differently than others when it comes to seeking Chapter 7 bankruptcy or other bankruptcy protections. Understanding these issues can help consumers find the right resources to guide them through the process. 

This simple debt management tool can change one's life

For Tennessee residents who've gone through personal bankruptcy, regaining control over their finances is often a top priority. There are tips and tools that can make that process easier. One of the most powerful is using software and apps to automate a monthly budget and pursue debt management goals. 

Credit card debt ranks among common money mistakes

A recently published article looks at common money management errors people make at different stages of life. For many in Tennessee, credit card debt is definitely on that list. Unsurprisingly, credit card debt was also featured in the recently published article.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy for home-based businesses

It appears that many women who operated home-based businesses centered on selling Lularoe products have filed for bankruptcy. At least 24 Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases have been identified where the filer listed Lularoe as the business entity or part of the filer's home-based venture. For those in Tennessee who own and operate a business from home, a sudden change in market or other conditions could prompt a need to seek bankruptcy relief.

Medical debt can come on suddenly and ruin the best laid plans

Tennessee residents can make all the right choices and still face an enormous burden of debt. That is especially true when it comes to medical debt. There are cases where an individual works for decades, sets aside savings and makes wise choices in purchasing a home and accumulating debt. A sudden injury or illness can throw all of that hard work away. 

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