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January 2018 Archives

Develop a plan to reduce credit card debt

The nation's economy has recently been moving in a positive direction. This is a good sign for many Tennessee residents. However, there are many consumers throughout the country that continue to be burdened with substantial credit card debt. Reports from a lending exchange company show that over 40 percent of those with debt from credit cards were only using them to keep up with monthly expenses. Experts suggested some issues that consumers may use to break this cycle of debt and get a better handle on their finances.

Wage garnishment is not the end of the road

Few things in life may be as frightening as learning that your wages are being garnished. When you are already facing nonstop bill collections and harassing creditors, suddenly bringing home a much smaller paycheck can be terrifying. However, you are not without options. In Tennessee, it is possible to stop wage garnishment and address your overwhelming debt through bankruptcy.

3 common credit card debt myths

The U.S. has already reached a new milestone in the first month of 2018. According to people at the Federal Reserve, the total amount of credit card debt in the United States has exceeded over $1 trillion. This is a new high, and it should be a wake-up call to many people to get their finances in order. 

Health care credit cards might be driving up medical debt

Even with insurance, the cost of accessing medical care is a barrier that many people in Tennessee face. As a solution, some doctors' offices now offer medical credit cards, giving patients lines of credit on which to charge their related bills. Unfortunately, this approach may drive some even further into medical debt.

Credit card debt reaches new high

Most Tennessee consumers are likely carrying more credit card debt than they were before the holiday season. In fact, across the United States, credit card debt is currently the highest that it has ever been, and some experts are worried. Although many people seem to be managing their debt well enough, soon-to-rise interest rates and lower income consumers may struggle to repay what they owe.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is not an end, but it is a new beginning

Life after bankruptcy in Tennessee and other states can be better than it was before the bankruptcy. Contrary to urban legends and exaggerated rumors, one is not prevented from having financial accounts going forward. The main feature of the aftermath of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is instead the peace of mind that comes from erasing overwhelming unsecured debt, such as all credit cards, unsecured personal loans and medical bills. 

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