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February 2018 Archives

Laws regarding unpaid medical debt in Tennessee

Whether as the result of a planned procedure or an unexpected emergency, most people will incur medical expenses at some point in their lives. However, health care costs continue to rise, and even with insurance, a person can become strapped with unpaid medical bills that will adversely affect their finances and make it harder to make ends meet. When facing this situation, it is a good idea for one to know the laws regarding medical debt in Tennessee.

New administration looking at possible student loan debt relief

Many individuals in Tennessee and elsewhere attend college to obtain a degree so that they can build a career in their chosen fields. However, the cost of college continues to rise each year, and many students are left with overwhelming debt in the form of student loans upon graduation. The current presidential administration is looking into ways to allow indebted college students the chance at discharging their loans in bankruptcy, thereby providing much-needed debt relief for those struggling to make ends meet.

Beware of scammers offering debt relief

Dealing with overwhelming debt is never easy, and many try to find solutions for their predicaments on their own that does not include bankruptcy. Instead, they seek other alternatives that they believe will be just as effective, such as debt consolidation. However, as one Tennessee woman recently found out, many companies exist that prey on unsuspecting consumers looking for debt relief.

Credit card debt preventing many from saving money

For many Tennessee residents and others around the nation, it is difficult to save money for future needs. Those in the financial industry urge consumers to save for their retirements and for emergency needs as well. Unfortunately, those who have incurred a substantial amount of credit card debt are unable to put aside money for any reason.

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