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August 2018 Archives

Debt relief: Even good debts may lead to dire financial hardships

With an economy that is thriving, many families in Tennessee and elsewhere may feel less apprehensive about taking on new debts. However, there may be some confusion about which types of debt are considered positive and which types may provide little monetary return. With high interest rates that can cause account balances to constantly rise, credit cards are one example of financial obligations that could leave a person in search of debt relief.

Medical debt driving retired seniors to bankruptcy

Getting sick, suffering an injury or simply getting older -- all of these are unavoidable aspects of being human. With the high cost of health care, medical debt may be an unavoidable part of being human, too. This particular economic strain can be devastating no matter what stage of life a person is in, but seems to be weighing particularly heavily on Tennessee's elderly population. 

Credit card debt: Average interest rates hit all-time high

For many individuals in Tennessee and elsewhere, credit cards may seem like an essential part of life, especially for those living a paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle. However, with constant increases to interests rates, using similar accounts to fund purchases may come with inherent risks. Whether a card is used for everyday needs, or to cover the costs of medical care, carrying a high balance on a credit account could lead to extensive struggles with credit card debt.

Seeking advice in pursuing debt relief in Tennessee

With consumer debts across the nation reaching an all-time high, many individuals in Tennessee and elsewhere may be experiencing the hardships of dealing with overwhelming financial responsibilities. Similar concerns can place a heavy burden on a person and leave him or her uncertain about how to regain financial stability. Those who experience dire financial struggles may wish to know more about their options and how to choose a path to pursue debt relief.

Credit card debt: How a balance could affect one's credit score

Many individuals in Tennessee and elsewhere place a great deal of importance on building and maintaining a positive credit score. Some may employ a variety of methods when attempting to cultivate a healthy financial standing. However, one prevalent myth concerning the pursuit of a higher credit report could be leading some astray, and may instead be leading them toward issues with credit card debt.

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