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September 2018 Archives

Medical debt: Even a small balance can lead to financial struggle

The fear of the costs associated with an unexpected medical emergency is a concern for many individuals in Tennessee. However, while dealing with high amounts of debt can be a daunting process, even smaller amounts of medical debt can create an unfortunate situation. Recent studies suggest that when it comes to unpaid medical bills, individuals may receive collection notices on amounts as little as $200.

Impulsive spending habits may leave many in search of debt relief

Many companies deploy marketing strategies that are designed to entice consumers in Tennessee to make spontaneous purchases. While adding that last minute item to the shopping cart may seem harmless, impulse purchases can add up over time. Individuals who are prone to making sudden purchases might benefit from seeking out ways to cut down on unnecessary expenses, as similar spending habits have left many in search of debt relief.

3 most expensive medical procedures

It is no secret that the health care system in the United States places a heavy financial burden on patients. Whether you are going in for a general wellness check or preparing for a major surgery, you can anticipate a hefty bill to pay, and this is often true even when you have insurance. The expenses often lead people to accumulate debt, and this debt can be financially crippling. There are debt relief options available for individuals who are struggling to pay medical expenses.

Choosing a method to reduce or eliminate credit card debt

Many individuals in Tennessee have experienced financial hardships after falling behind on credit card accounts. Those who have similar accounts in collections may consider pursuing debt forgiveness through consolidation. However, although an offer to consolidate may appear appealing, there could be consequences to using similar methods to reduce or eliminate credit card debt.

Debt relief: Many worry they will remain in debt throughout life

The trials of dealing with debt are an unfortunate reality for many individuals in Tennessee and elsewhere. Studies suggest that more than 10 percent of those surveyed said they would likely remain in debt throughout the remainder of life. However, with some studies indicating that the actual number of Americans that are dealing with substantial financial concerns is significantly higher, many may be in need of debt relief.

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