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February 2019 Archives

Millennials may not always handle their credit card debt well

Most people in Tennessee have credit cards, and many people carry over at least some of their balance from month to month. However, there are some people who are not able to manage their credit card debt well, and they can quickly fall behind and come to a place where they are unable to make a dent in the amount they owe. According to statistics, millennials are prone to carry their credit card balances for a year or longer.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can be a lifesaver after a summons is served

When a lawsuit is started in Tennessee and other states, the papers must be filed in the court house and served on the person who is being sued. A summons is usually included with those papers, and it tells the defendant how and when to respond to the lawsuit. When the summons and complaint have to do with a claim for back credit card debt or unpaid medical bills, Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often called upon to perform its highly effective debt relief remedies.

Medical debt is a leading cause of financial strain

Medical care is expensive, and many in Tennessee lack the savings and financial resources to deal with an emergency. Just one illness or injury can cause a person to spend his or her life savings to keep up with the bills that quickly accumulate after a hospital stay or visit to the emergency room. Even when people have insurance and steady income, medical debt is a reason why many have to file for bankruptcy protection.

Why more seniors are going bankrupt

The senior years of life are supposed to be free of financial struggles and come with a comfortable retirement. It is a time to worry less about money and enjoy the fruits of working for so many decades. Unfortunately, this has become less of a reality for the aging American population.

Options for individuals drowning in medical debt

A car accident, prolonged illness or other type of medical emergency can quickly wipe out a person's savings and lead to crippling and overwhelming bills. Many Americans carry medical debt, but for some, it can spiral out of control and lead to a financial crisis. There are a few ways by which a Tennessee consumer can handle this type of debt and seek a better financial future.

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