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August 2019 Archives

Are those credit card debt collection calls a scam or legitimate?

Credit cards can be considered a blessing and a curse depending on the situation. Some Tennessee residents may value having a card when they may need a little extra time to pay off an expense, and others may dread getting their bill each month due to having accumulated a considerable amount of credit card debt. For those in the latter group, collection calls may also be a worry.

Younger generations and credit card debt

Most Tennessee consumers have credit cards, and many of them are able to pay them off at the end of each month. Each generation has a different approach to financial security and making prudent money decisions, and some of the younger generations are carrying a significant amount of credit card debt. Statistics indicate that Generation Z tends to rely heavily on purchasing things on credit, yet they are often only able to make minimum payments or less each month.

Potential legislation may help those with surprise medical debt

When a Tennessee resident has medical insurance, he or she may not expect to have to pay much out of pocket when visiting a doctor, going to the emergency room or scheduling a necessary procedure. Unfortunately, many actually find themselves facing unexpected medical debt, even when they go to an in-network provider or hospital. It's an unpleasant surprise to learn that certain services are not covered and no one told them about it.

The types of purchases that cause credit card debt to accumulate

Every financial situation is unique, and while most people have and use credit cards, the way that debt is accumulated differs from person to person. In Tennessee and elsewhere, many assume that when a person is struggling to manage his or her credit card debt it is a result of an emergency or unexpected expense, but that is not always the case. Sometimes, these balances accumulate due to unchecked discretionary spending.

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