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September 2019 Archives

A recession could bring trouble for those with credit card debt

People in Tennessee often use credit cards for many different types of purchases, including daily needs, vacations and even emergency expenses. There are many who are able to pay off their balances every month, but for some, it's not so easy. For those who carry a large amount of credit card debt, the threat of a potential recession in the future could be troublesome.

Getting ahead of credit card debt before the holidays

Most Tennessee consumers have credit cards, and many of them use their cards to pay for everything from things they need on a daily basis to emergency expenses. It is not surprising that the amount of credit card spending significantly increases when the holidays come around. People tend to spend more, buy presents and attend parties, and this can be quite expensive. The result is that many people are left with unmanageable credit card debt after the new year.

How much medical debt can you discharge through Chapter 7?

There's a stigma associated with filing for bankruptcy, with many people assuming that those filing have simply mismanaged their finances or used their credit cards too freely. However, bankruptcy is a solution that most people avoid for as long as possible, and only enter into it because they have no other choice.

College students often end up with significant credit card debt

College is a time of freedom and independence, and for many Tennessee students, it is a time to learn a lot of life lessons. Unfortunately, some of these life lessons may include the accumulation of credit card debt. For many, college is a time of limited financial resources, and students often find themselves relying on credit cards. The result is that some graduate with both a degree and a significant amount of debt.

Which generation has the lowest amount of credit card debt?

People of all ages in Tennessee experience money problems from time to time. This is not something that is unique to millennials or people just out of college. Whether young or old, people can experience real and pressing financial concerns by holding credit card debt. While the perception may be that younger people are not as good with their money as other generations, that may not be the case when it comes to credit cards. 

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