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January 2020 Archives

Should you get a divorce before you file for bankruptcy?

When major issues come up in life, it is not always easy to find a solution to them. Even if you know that the only way to fix certain problems is to take substantial steps, it can be difficult to know when and how to take those steps. For example, if you are facing tremendous debt issues, you may feel the need to file for bankruptcy. However, your marriage may also be coming to an end, and you do not know which issue to handle first.

Is Chapter 7 bankruptcy the right way forward?

Many people are entering 2020 with a significant amount of debt, which typically comes along with a good deal of stress. It can be especially stressful when debt collectors start calling or creditors resort to certain types of collection efforts, such as wage garnishment. To make this process stop and gain a fresh financial start, some people look to Chapter 7 bankruptcy for relief.

Is a personal loan the way to get debt relief from credit cards?

People rely on credit cards for everything from weekly grocery store purchases to emergency expenses. When unexpected things arise or there are more things to purchase than normal, such as during the holidays, it can lead to higher balances than what may be manageable. As a result, Tennessee consumers look for debt relief from from their credit card bills from various sources, including personal loans.

Effectively dealing with credit card debt from the holidays

The holidays are a time when consumers of all income levels tend to spend more. With gifts to buy, family to visit and parties to attend, people often depend on their credit cards to pay for the things they need. For many Tennessee consumers, this means they are going into the new year with a significant amount of credit card debt. 

Harsh collection practices over medical debt garners criticism

Medical care is expensive, even for those who have insurance and decent salaries. People of all income levels are susceptible to the extensive impact that unexpected medical debt can have, a type of burden that can quickly wipe out a person's savings and leave him or her with an unmanageable financial burden. In order to collect on these past-due balances, some hospitals have taken to implementing aggressive collection tactics. 

Starting the year with positive financial goals

The beginning of a new year means one thing: resolutions. If you are one of the many who make resolutions, you may have many of the same goals year after year. For example, you might resolve to lose weight, exercise or watch less TV. However, it may be possible that this year you have more urgent matters to confront.

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