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May 2020 Archives

What are the ways to make wage garnishment stop?

It can be extremely frustrating when a Tennessee employee does not receive the normal amount of pay because the employer has to withhold a certain amount according to a court order. Wage garnishment can happen when the employee is past due on payments for certain types of debts, and the creditor took steps to collect after other attempts failed. A consumer who is facing wage garnishment may find it helpful to learn about the ways to make it stop.

Negotiating credit card debt into a reasonable settlement amount

Tennessee consumers may find themselves struggling with overwhelming credit card balances for many reasons. Difficult financial circumstances can make it impossible to manage payments, even minimum payments. Because of accumulating interest, a few missed payments can result in balances that are too high to manage. At this point, a cardholder may want to explore the option of negotiating the credit card debt down into a reasonable settlement amount.

What happens if credit card debt is sent to collections?

When a Tennessee consumer is unable to manage his or her credit card bills, the credit card company may send the debt to a collections agency. Before sending credit card debt to collections, the card company may call to attempt to collect. This often happens when the cardholder is at least 30 days behind on making a minimum payment. After months of unpaid balances, it will likely be sent to an agency dedicated to collecting past-due balances.

Dealing with credit card debt with a balance transfer card

For many Tennessee consumers, using credit cards is a way of life. People use their cards daily for purchases ranging from emergency medical bills to groceries. Swiping a card is a financial strategy for those who do not have the savings to manage some types of expenses. The end result is often an amount of credit card debt that is overwhelming and unmanageable.

Should you file for bankruptcy before or after getting married?

Getting engaged is an exciting experience. You likely cannot wait to get the wedding planned and to walk down the aisle to say, "I do." Of course, before the wedding takes place, you and your future spouse may need to have some serious discussions. In particular, you may need to take a look at your individual finances and what your details could mean for the future.

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