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Negotiating credit card debt into a reasonable settlement amount

Tennessee consumers may find themselves struggling with overwhelming credit card balances for many reasons. Difficult financial circumstances can make it impossible to manage payments, even minimum payments. Because of accumulating interest, a few missed payments can result in balances that are too high to manage. At this point, a cardholder may want to explore the option of negotiating the credit card debt down into a reasonable settlement amount.

What happens if credit card debt is sent to collections?

When a Tennessee consumer is unable to manage his or her credit card bills, the credit card company may send the debt to a collections agency. Before sending credit card debt to collections, the card company may call to attempt to collect. This often happens when the cardholder is at least 30 days behind on making a minimum payment. After months of unpaid balances, it will likely be sent to an agency dedicated to collecting past-due balances.

Dealing with credit card debt with a balance transfer card

For many Tennessee consumers, using credit cards is a way of life. People use their cards daily for purchases ranging from emergency medical bills to groceries. Swiping a card is a financial strategy for those who do not have the savings to manage some types of expenses. The end result is often an amount of credit card debt that is overwhelming and unmanageable.

Will credit card debt land a consumer in jail?

There are many consequences that come as a result of owing a significant amount of debt. For Tennessee consumers who have past-due credit card debt, one of the most prominent consequences is dealing with creditors and debt collectors who are trying to collect payment. One method they sometimes employ is scaring the consumer with certain repercussions if he or she does not pay. 

Does forbearance actually lead to more credit card debt?

There are many reasons why Tennessee consumers are not able to make timely credit card payments, and it is often because of reasons beyond their control. Whether it is because of job loss, sickness or other reasons, credit card debt can quickly accumulate when there is a reduction in income or unexpected expenses. This may leave some consumers in a place where they want to explore the possibility of forbearance.

Simple ways to lower credit card debt

Many in Tennessee depend on their credit cards to pay for everyday things, impulse purchases and even medical needs. Because it's simple to just swipe a card and move on, it's easy to see how credit card debt can quickly accumulate. It doesn't take long before a balance is so high that only minimum payments are possible, and this can result in accumulating interest and even greater credit card debt. 

What can Gex Xers do about their excessive credit card debt?

Different generations have different perspectives on debt. Consumers in Tennessee spend money and manage their finances because of deeply personal reasons, and for some, this means relying heavily on credit cards. As a result, credit card debt is a serious problem for some, particularly those in Gen X, which includes those individuals born between the years of 1965 and 1980.

The heavy cost of credit card debt

Many consumers in Tennessee use their credit cards for daily purchases like groceries, as well as emergency expenses, such as medical bills. As a result, the average person has at least some credit card debt. It's easy to swipe and go, but for those who carry a balance over each month, this type of spending can come with unexpected costs. After months of minimum payments and accumulating interest, it's possible to end up with a lot of credit card debt and no way to pay it off.

Should a consumer try to settle credit card debt?

There are many unpleasant consequences that come with owing a significant amount of money to credit card companies. For example, a creditor may call at all hours of the day, or a debt collector may initiate the wage garnishment process after a certain amount of time. Credit card debt can seem overwhelming and make it feel impossible to get ahead. This is why some consumers in Tennessee explore the opportunity to settle their debt.

Effectively dealing with credit card debt from the holidays

The holidays are a time when consumers of all income levels tend to spend more. With gifts to buy, family to visit and parties to attend, people often depend on their credit cards to pay for the things they need. For many Tennessee consumers, this means they are going into the new year with a significant amount of credit card debt. 

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