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Medical debt is a major problem for many Tennessee patients

Medical care is expensive, even for those in Tennessee who have insurance. A hospital stay, prolonged illness or traumatic injury can result in bills that can quickly overwhelm a patient and family. Insurance doesn't always cover every aspect of a patient's care, and the result can be medical debt and mounds of paperwork that can become unmanageable. 

Medical debt remains major concern for many Americans

Falling behind on payments for certain types of debt can lead to a number of unpleasant consequences. From wage garnishment to constant phone calls from debt collectors, owing a significant amount of debt can be stressful and overwhelming. One of the most common types of debts is medical debt. Statistics indicate that around 32% of American workers have this type of debt and approximately half have defaulted on it.

Harsh collection practices over medical debt garners criticism

Medical care is expensive, even for those who have insurance and decent salaries. People of all income levels are susceptible to the extensive impact that unexpected medical debt can have, a type of burden that can quickly wipe out a person's savings and leave him or her with an unmanageable financial burden. In order to collect on these past-due balances, some hospitals have taken to implementing aggressive collection tactics. 

When medical debt and credit card debt go hand in hand

When people have financial struggles, it is often for reasons beyond their control, such as a medical emergency or loss of a job. An unexpected illness or surgery can result in medical debt that a person cannot effectively manage on his or her own. As a result, a Tennessee adult may end up depending on credit cards simply to make ends meet or make payments on hospital bills. For many people, medical debt and credit card debt go hand in hand.

More people facing lawsuits as a result of their medical debt

Medical care is expensive, even for people who have health insurance. When a Tennessee resident goes in for surgery, needs diagnostic testing or has to visit the emergency room, he or she may find bills from the hospital or doctor in the mailbox a few weeks later. These bills can come as a surprise, leaving many people struggling with medical debt they cannot pay. As a result, some hospitals are actually suing these people for payment.

Medical debt continues to be a problem for many Americans

Bills related to medical care and emergency needs are a significant financial burden for many in Tennessee and across the country. Even people with steady jobs, reasonable income and health insurance find themselves facing insurmountable medical debt after a procedure or just one visit to the emergency room. One problem is that many people don't know the cost beforehand of the type of care they are receiving.

Potential legislation may help those with surprise medical debt

When a Tennessee resident has medical insurance, he or she may not expect to have to pay much out of pocket when visiting a doctor, going to the emergency room or scheduling a necessary procedure. Unfortunately, many actually find themselves facing unexpected medical debt, even when they go to an in-network provider or hospital. It's an unpleasant surprise to learn that certain services are not covered and no one told them about it.

Options for dealing with significant medical debt

When a person goes through a serious medical problem, serious medical bills often follow. Even with insurance, a trip to the emergency room, prolonged illness or surgery can ultimately result in medical debt that a person may not be able to manage. There are several things a person can do in this situation, and it may be possible to find relief from debt collectors or work with creditors. 

Steps to avoiding serious medical debt

A medical emergency can upend a person's financial stability in a matter of a few days or weeks. One unexpected hospital stay or accident can lead to medical bills that can quickly outpace a Tennessee consumer's ability to keep up, resulting in overwhelming amounts of medical debt. This type of debt is one of the leading sources of financial hardship and bankruptcy filings across the country. 

Pending legislation could reduce medical debt

Medical care is expensive, even for Tennessee readers who have health insurance. Some things are not covered, and people may still have to pay if they see a practitioner who is not in their network. Understanding what is covered is a complex, confusing process, and many patients often find themselves with surprise medical bills because of it. Medical debt is a serious problem for many thousands of Americans. 

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