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Laws regarding unpaid medical debt in Tennessee

Whether as the result of a planned procedure or an unexpected emergency, most people will incur medical expenses at some point in their lives. However, health care costs continue to rise, and even with insurance, a person can become strapped with unpaid medical bills that will adversely affect their finances and make it harder to make ends meet. When facing this situation, it is a good idea for one to know the laws regarding medical debt in Tennessee.

Health care credit cards might be driving up medical debt

Even with insurance, the cost of accessing medical care is a barrier that many people in Tennessee face. As a solution, some doctors' offices now offer medical credit cards, giving patients lines of credit on which to charge their related bills. Unfortunately, this approach may drive some even further into medical debt.

Medical debt can come on suddenly and ruin the best laid plans

Tennessee residents can make all the right choices and still face an enormous burden of debt. That is especially true when it comes to medical debt. There are cases where an individual works for decades, sets aside savings and makes wise choices in purchasing a home and accumulating debt. A sudden injury or illness can throw all of that hard work away. 

Would the new health care bill lead to more medical debt?

As the new health care bill slowly makes its way through the legislative process, many people in Tennessee are concerned about how their health care options could be affected if major changes take place. This is a deeply personal issue, because health care and the associated costs are different for everyone. For many people, medical debt is a serious risk, even with insurance coverage. If that coverage was lost, then financial turmoil could be just an accident or illness away.

Tips for avoiding serious problems with medical debt

Anyone can find themselves in need of urgent medical care, whether through an unexpected illness or injury. Being faced with a serious health concern is a stressful matter, and one that can be difficult for Tennessee families. Once the patient has been stabilized and is in the process of healing and recovering, yet another stressful situation begins: the medical debt that so often follows a hospitalization. Knowing how to deal with those charges can help individuals avoid excessive medical debt.

Nearly 1 in 3 Tennesseans Has Medical Debt

Nearly one in three adults in Tennessee has outstanding medical debt. According to The Tennessean, this figures as the seventh-highest medical debt rate in the country. Unfortunately, as insurance premiums continue to rise and many stand to lose their insurance altogether, the statistics aren't likely to get much better any time soon.

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