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Posts tagged "Debt Management"

Debt management tips for the years after personal bankruptcy

When it comes to creating a stronger financial foundation after personal bankruptcy, it is often helpful to take a close look at the path, while also maintaining a forward-focused plan of action. That involves giving careful consideration to how one's debt troubles became so pronounced, and taking active steps toward choosing a different path in the years that follow a successful bankruptcy. As with so many issues, debt management is aided by having a solid understanding of how things went awry. Tennessee residents should take the time to examine their history as they craft their future.

Could debt management save your relationship?

Everyone knows that living under a heavy burden of debt is stressful. However, there are certain aspects of high debt that are often overlooked. One of those involves the damage that can be done to relationships when one or both parties are swimming in a sea of debt. Debt management is one way to address the problem, and may even lead to a better relationship for some Tennessee couples.

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