Experienced Knoxville Attorney Helps Clients Overcome Debt Problems

Experienced Knoxville Attorney Helps Clients Overcome Debt Problems

Knoxville Lien Removal Lawyer Aids Owners of Encumbered Properties

Skillful East Tennessee attorney represents people looking to release a lien

When a lien is placed on your property, you risk losing it if the matter is not addressed promptly. There are many different reasons why a lien could be attached to your home or other assets, but whether it’s the result of a mistake, missed payment, property tax issue, disputed debt or some other circumstance, William E. Maddox, Jr. LLC, Attorney at Law can advise you on the best way to remove the infringement. From my office in Knoxville, I provide knowledgeable counsel to Tennessee clients on lien removal and a wide range of other debt relief matters. My firm gives homeowners the opportunity to undo these restrictions before they create problems in a title search conducted by a potential buyer or financial institution.

Firm advises on liens placed by judgment creditors, contractors and tax authorities

There are two basic types of liens. General liens are employed when one party owes funds to the other and the creditor is legally authorized to attach any property owned by the debtor. This can occur if you owe taxes to the IRS or have lost a civil legal matter. There are also specific liens where one’s home or another single asset is used as security to ensure that the owner of the attached property repays a loan or debt. Common examples are home mortgages and mechanic’s liens. If you’re looking to have a lien removed, I can advise you of several potential solutions, including:

  • Curing a mistake — Sometimes, a property lien results from incorrect information. An error on a title document or a contractor who mistakenly believes that they weren’t fully paid could lead to an improper infringement. After reviewing the pertinent facts, I might be able to resolve the situation by correcting the incorrect information.
  • Negotiating payment terms — When parties acknowledge that the debt giving rise to the lien is authentic, there might be less restrictive ways to satisfy the obligation. My firm negotiates with businesses and individuals to establish mutually agreeable payment terms so that a lien can be averted. If a lien has already been attached, I can prepare the documents needed to release the lien once a settlement has been reached.
  • Challenging the lien — If you believe that a lien is fraudulent or was applied simply to harass you, I will investigate the relevant circumstances and can petition a court to have the lien released.
  • Using Chapter 13 bankruptcy to “strip” a junior lien — There can be situations where multiple parties have a lien on the same piece of property. This typically occurs when someone has more than one mortgage on their home. In these cases, you might be able to take advantage of a process known as “lien stripping” during a Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceeding. Under this process, you can convert a junior lien, such as a second mortgage, into an unsecured debt. As a result, the first mortgage remains secured by the home, but a second or third mortgage is treated as a credit card balance or other unsecured debt.

Property that is encumbered by a lien can cause problems now and in the future. My firm is committed helping clients avoid trouble by successfully resolving lien issues.

Contact a Tennessee lawyer for a free initial consultation regarding lien removal

William E. Maddox, Jr. LLC, Attorney at Law in Knoxville represents Tennessee residents who are looking to remove a lien that has been attached to their property. Please call 865-293-4953 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation where you can learn about your legal options.

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