Experienced Knoxville Attorney Helps Clients Overcome Debt Problems

Experienced Knoxville Attorney Helps Clients Overcome Debt Problems

Experienced Knoxville Business Lawyer Assists With Transaction Issues

Knowledgeable Tennessee attorney provides counsel tailored to clients’ needs

The terms included in a sale and purchase agreement can set a Tennessee business up for success or create lingering problems. For more than 25 years at the Knoxville legal practice of William E. Maddox Jr. LLC, Attorney at Law, I have guided East Tennessee small business owners and corporate boards through business transactions of all kinds. In addition to negotiating contract terms that put my clients in a position to achieve their goals, I step in to help resolve breach of contract disputes.

Attentive lawyer represents businesses during sales contract negotiations

Each business deal has its own unique aspects. Generally, the greater the value of an intended transaction, the more considerations are involved in bringing each party to an agreement. Among the details that might need to be ironed out are financing, delivery date, product condition, liabilities and circumstances in which the contract may be lawfully terminated.

Business owners recommend my firm because of the reliable assistance I’ve provided during their most important transactions, including:

  • Acquisitions — Whether you are looking to buy or sell an entire business or an ownership stake, a clear agreement will be necessary to outline exact deliverables, each party’s rights and responsibilities and who owns intellectual property and other business assets.
  • Mergers — Companies that recognize the potential to reap greater profits and cut costs by combining their businesses often benefit from a merger. I help business owners assert their interests, undertake due diligence and protect the integrity of their brand throughout the merger process.
  • Sales — Purchases and sales of products and services are part of everyday operations for most businesses. Executing enforceable transaction contracts is critical for companies that seek to ensure accountability, facilitate smooth operation and protect the integrity of its business.

I assist business owners with all legal aspects of business transactions, working personally with each client to understand their goals and address their concerns. By knowing your priorities and the areas in which you are willing to compromise, I can develop creative solutions to disagreements that arise during the negotiation phase. I also take care to include clauses intended to protect your business if disputes occur after the contract is signed.

Skilled litigator works to resolve disputes with shareholders and businesses

One of the most important reasons to work with a lawyer when preparing your transaction contract is to have a legal means to hold the other party accountable if they break the agreement. Well-drafted shareholder agreements are also a crucial tool for prioritizing the best interests of the business when disputes between owners erupt.

A seasoned litigator respected in business communities throughout East Tennessee, I have a long history of helping clients resolve difficult breach of contract cases, business-to-business conflicts and disagreements between majority and minority shareholders. I represent clients during arbitration and settlement negotiation and help to obtain injunctions and implement other means of contract enforcement. My objective is to handle disagreements as efficiently as possible with minimal negative impact to a client’s business. If alternative dispute resolution efforts prove unproductive, I am prepared to fight for your desired outcome in court.

Contact a dedicated Knox County business transactions lawyer for your free consultation

At the Knoxville, Tennessee office of William E. Maddox Jr. LLC, Attorney at Law, I advise and represent business owners through every step of business transaction negotiations and contract disputes. Clients in Knox, Anderson, Roane, Blount and Anderson counties rely on my firm for their business needs. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 865-293-4953 or contact me online.

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