Experienced Knoxville Attorney Helps Clients Overcome Debt Problems

Experienced Knoxville Attorney Helps Clients Overcome Debt Problems

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can be a lifesaver after a summons is served

When a lawsuit is started in Tennessee and other states, the papers must be filed in the court house and served on the person who is being sued. A summons is usually included with those papers, and it tells the defendant how and when to respond to the lawsuit. When the summons and complaint have to do with a claim for back credit card debt or unpaid medical bills, Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often called upon to perform its highly effective debt relief remedies.

Most people are understandably overwhelmed by the receipt of dunning calls and collection letters in the mail. That uncomfortable, oppressed feeling is exponentially more disrupting when the intrusion into one’s life is marked by service of process of a lawsuit for money owed. And, where the amount of the debt claimed is outside the realm of possibility, effective bankruptcy remedies have been decisive in eliminating the problem quickly and permanently.

If left to fester, the lawsuit may result in a default judgment against the defendant for failure to come into court and file a response. This can be for many thousands of dollars. A judgment can in some circumstances apply to one’s real estate and to all or most of one’s personal property.  If the party who is sued does not respond to the entry of a judgment, the creditor can file a writ of execution on the judgment and schedule a sheriff’s or constable’s sale of the person’s nonexempt personal property, automobiles and anything else that is found and identified by the selling authority.

Because having the sale of one’s property occur on the owner’s premises is a humiliating experience for many people, it is best not to let things go that far. The first and most effective way to put a hamper on the escalating crisis is to schedule a free consultation with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in Tennessee.  The relieved consumer will learn that the lawsuit can be stopped and erased in most instances. There is no other debt relief remedy that can eliminate unsecured debt in such a powerful and swift manner.

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