Experienced Knoxville Attorney Helps Clients Overcome Debt Problems

Experienced Knoxville Attorney Helps Clients Overcome Debt Problems

More people facing lawsuits as a result of their medical debt

Medical care is expensive, even for people who have health insurance. When a Tennessee resident goes in for surgery, needs diagnostic testing or has to visit the emergency room, he or she may find bills from the hospital or doctor in the mailbox a few weeks later. These bills can come as a surprise, leaving many people struggling with medical debt they cannot pay. As a result, some hospitals are actually suing these people for payment.

Skyrocketing medical bills have been a problem for many people, and the rising cost of medical care has left even people with insurance and moderate to high incomes with a debt burden they can no longer manage. People often simply cannot pay any or enough of their share of the medical bills to satisfy the hospitals. Consequently, it is becoming more common for hospitals to bring lawsuits when this occurs.

Hospitals claim this is a reasonable way for them to collect payment. In addition to suing for payment, hospitals also turn to wage garnishment. Both of these methods often lead to serious financial strain, even for those who earn moderate incomes. This may cause consumers who have medical debt to struggle to pay for other financial obligations.

When medical debt is no longer manageable, filing for bankruptcy may be a reasonable option. Bankruptcy allows for the discharge of many types of unsecured debt, including hospital expenses and related bills. A Tennessee consumer may find it beneficial to seek an assessment of his or her financial circumstances to see if this may be a reasonable option.

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