Experienced Knoxville Attorney Helps Clients Overcome Debt Problems

Experienced Knoxville Attorney Helps Clients Overcome Debt Problems

Social media, the new contact method for debt collectors

Many Tennessee residents have debt, and a good chunk of them have so much that they are unable to repay that their accounts have been sent to collections. This means debt collectors have the right to contact them repeatedly until the debt is paid. For years the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has allowed debt collectors to contact debtors via mail, phone, email and text. Starting in 2021 social media platforms will be added to the mix.

According to a recently released report, the new CFPB rules state that debt collection agencies will only be allowed to call a person seven times in one week, but they can message that individual as much as they want via email and various messaging platforms. The new rule did not address one significant issue, though. It did not do anything to enforce the rules about verifying the debt. Unfortunately, every year numerous people are contacted and harassed about debt that turns out is not theirs.

Social media companies are currently reviewing how this rule will work and how it will affect their consumers. No other public statements about this issue have been released. Only time will tell how this will affect individuals and social media companies.

Creditor harassment is something too many Tennessee residents deal with every day. The last thing anyone wants is another way for debt collectors to get hold of them, but it has happened. Thankfully, there are ways to put an end to creditor harassment and even hold collection agencies accountable for the harassment. An experienced bankruptcy law attorney may be able to offer advice on this topic, as well as help one determine the best way to achieve much-needed debt relief.

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