Experienced Knoxville Attorney Helps Clients Overcome Debt Problems

Experienced Knoxville Attorney Helps Clients Overcome Debt Problems

Wage garnishment is not the end of the road

Few things in life may be as frightening as learning that your wages are being garnished. When you are already facing nonstop bill collections and harassing creditors, suddenly bringing home a much smaller paycheck can be terrifying. However, you are not without options. In Tennessee, it is possible to stop wage garnishment and address your overwhelming debt through bankruptcy.

Wage garnishment often arises when you are significantly behind on bill payments. This could be for your car note, mortgage or credit card bill, and in some instances you may even face repossession of your vehicle. Although creditors might use your garnished wages to slowly chip away at your debt, losing out on some or most of your paycheck often makes it impossible to afford the basic daily costs for living.

If you choose to file for bankruptcy, an automatic stay is placed on all collection activities against you. Wage garnishment stops, repossessions halt and creditors will no longer contact you. You may even qualify for a refund of recently garnished wages. These are just the immediate benefits of filing for bankruptcy, which can provide a tremendous amount of relief, giving you the opportunity to more clearly address the matter at hand.

Long-term benefits of bankruptcy are clear — better financial stability. Although it may seem impossible when you caught between wage garnishment and creditors who call nonstop, bankruptcy provides a path to debt relief that can improve your life. We have guided countless people in Tennessee through the process of filing for bankruptcy as they seek to get their financial lives back on track.

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