Experienced Knoxville Attorney Helps Clients Overcome Debt Problems

Experienced Knoxville Attorney Helps Clients Overcome Debt Problems

What are the ways to make wage garnishment stop?

It can be extremely frustrating when a Tennessee employee does not receive the normal amount of pay because the employer has to withhold a certain amount according to a court order. Wage garnishment can happen when the employee is past due on payments for certain types of debts, and the creditor took steps to collect after other attempts failed. A consumer who is facing wage garnishment may find it helpful to learn about the ways to make it stop.

When a consumer is not getting his or her full paycheck, it can make it nearly impossible for that individual to make ends meet each month. It will be nearly impossible to ever get ahead with debt payments, and it can result in even more financial difficulties. In addition to these complications, it can can be embarrassing for an employee when the employer has to start withholding a portion of the paycheck. At this point, it could be prudent to consider the benefits of filing for bankruptcy.

Upon filing for bankruptcy, the automatic stay will immediately go into effect. This halts all collection efforts underway against a Tennessee consumer, including wage garnishment. This allows the filer automatic relief pending the further order of the bankruptcy court. In some circumstances the underlying debt can be discharged by the court or dealt with as part of a Chapter 13 debt reorganization.

Wage garnishment is only one of the many potential consequences of owing a significant amount of debt. A consumer does not have to endure this in silence as filing for bankruptcy could offer a way out. Before making an important financial decision, it will be helpful to discuss the individual situation with an experienced attorney.

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