Experienced Knoxville Attorney Helps Clients Overcome Debt Problems

Experienced Knoxville Attorney Helps Clients Overcome Debt Problems

You can seek help for repossession and debt issues

Vehicle repossessions can make your life very difficult; with no vehicle, you may not be able to go to work or could struggle to take your children to school or activities. If you’re struggling with debt, vehicle repossession may be a realistic fear you have. If you miss one payment or more, the creditor or lessor has the right to reclaim the vehicle through repossession. Sometimes, the contract you make limits how much time can pass before you’ll face repossession; for example, if a contract says you have to pay on or before the 15th or else the vehicle will be repossessed, then you should always plan for that to be the case.

In other leases, you may be given warnings in advance to encourage you to make up the payments you’ve missed. If you can get back on track, you won’t have to be concerned about repossession, but if not, you could find yourself without a vehicle when it’s repossessed overnight or even while you’re at work.

In most states, your creditor is able to seize your vehicle as soon as you default on the loan. Creditors are not typically obligated to tell you they’re coming to repossess the vehicle and may come onto your property to seize it.

Your personal property should not be sold or kept by the creditor if it was in the vehicle. Your creditor should tell you how you can collect those items. If you can’t find them, then you have a right to seek compensation for the items the creditor has taken.

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